Give Your Favorite Chair a Few More Years

Your favorite chairs, couches, and tables get a lot more use than your other furniture. It's no wonder they show wear and tear sooner than other pieces in the set. Don't worry, though - all you have to do is call in our upholstery expert for repairs.

From minor patching to re-cushioning and rebuilding the frame, your damaged furniture will look and feel like normal in no time! Many repairs can be done on-site if you cannot get your furniture into our shop. Contact Big Darby Restorations.

On-Site Repairs Available

  • Full restorations and repairs
  • Refinishing of antique and contemporary pieces
  • Stripping of paints and clear finishes
  • Classic and contemporary upholstering and padding
  • On-site refurbishing and touch-ups
  • Parts and whole piece duplication
Pickup and drop-off services available.
Call 614-733-0990

Put 25 years of professional furniture repair and restoration experience at your disposal. It'll look like new!

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